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For an immediate, practical and adapted application, notes, corrections and suggestions will be directly written in BOLD RED TYPE inside your text.


- Screenplay (not to exceed 150 pages): 235 euros
- Treatment (1-20 pages): 125 euros
- Synopsis: (1-5 pages): 80 euros
- One hour telephone consultation (English or French only): 110 euros (not including telephone fees)
- 10% off when purchasing 2 or more services.

Here’s what do to do:

1.    Fill in the inscription sheet and send your document(s)

2.    You will receive a payment estimate based on the rates posted on the site, and a detailed explanation as to how to send your securized  payment through PayPal

3.    Once your payment is validated you will receive a notification ticket

4.    Your analysis will be sent to your e-mail address 10 days after your payment is received.

 Accepted formats: Word, TXT, RTF, Final Draft 5

 Would there be any delay you will be immediately informed by email. Your coverage will be in Word format, sent to you via the email address specified on the submission/release form.